Webinar: You Too Can Be A Sketching Machine

Sketching is a time-tested approach to propose, explore, refine and communicate your design ideas. Undoubtedly, it is a crucial brainstorming tool that can help you develop ideas individually or as part of a team.

Have you ever wondered how to use sketching in User Experience Design?

Let’s discover together the power of sketching!

Codemotion in collaboration with Rizwan Javaid, UX Designer at Launch, will host a webinar entitled: “You Too Can Be A Sketching Machine”.

In this hands-on webinar, we will discuss why sketching is an important skill for everyone with a special focus on UX designers. Attendees will be challenged to do a few sketching activities! Rizwan will also talk about his personal transformation as a designer who didn’t appreciate sketching to developing a sketching mindset.

Interested? Join our upcoming webinar on February 22 and learn why this skill is an important one for developers.

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