VR & Gamedev Showcase


Stitch Heads

Kabounce is a team versus team, third person, multiplayer pinball game in which you control the ball.
Each match players battle in a team versus team format, hitting bumpers claims them for your team and grants you points. Points can be stolen with pre-selected abilities. Bank points at the goal to add them to your team’s score and prevent the opposing team from stealing them. At the end of each round, the highest scoring team wins.



I love precision platformers, but they’ve always been really difficult. Mobility is my attempt to make the genre more accessible, with different difficulty settings, accessibility options, and a browser version. (Die-hard fans, though, can also ignore all that and just play everything on the highest difficulty. Your choice!) In Mobility, every platform is a switch you activate upon contact. The goal in each level is to activate all platforms, making each level a little puzzle, especially when you’re attempting to score a new record. In the story, these rooms are engine rooms on spaceships that you (a repairman in training) has to fix.


EpicHouse Studios

Phased is a colorful platformer about distorted spacetime and multi-dimensional beings. You use phasing superpowers to save your island from an all-powerful villain. While you traverse dynamic and nonlinear environments, shadows crawl out of other dimensions to stop you. In this game you will find new superpowers, fight the shadows, solve puzzles, build sandcastles and save (or destroy) spacetime.

Tough Growth

Feather Hat Games

Tough Growth is a mindless 2D game about becoming the biggest shape among shapes, where every other shapes has only one desire: to shoot you to smithereens, dodge them like a ninja and get to destroy them god-like at the end. Also a game that’s so simple that even computer illiterate people can play it.

The Red Stare


In The Red Stare, you become a special agent in 1950s New York City on a stake out. The Reds have infiltrated the city, and you need to stop them before it’s too late. During your stake out you will be observing your neighbours’ every move to find out who of them is the communist spy. From within your apartment you’ll be receiving information via your phone and fax machine, finding clues in case files, and taking pictures that you can fax to your handler – proving that your suspicions are right. It’s all about observation and deduction. You’ll have to use a number of different ways to identify people varying from appearances, items that can be found in their rooms, and rules only specific members of the communist ranks follow.

WebXR, immersive web showcase

webXR NL

WebXR NL is the first Dutch network for VR, AR and MR creators who want to bring and share their immersive experiences to the web. With our showcase we would like to introduce developers, content creators, organizations and vendors to webXR. Show the possibilities of creating and experiencing VR,AR and MR through the browser.


Deep Learning Systems Team

Monugram project is a mobile app, and wearable device linked too, developed by students of different departments of “Roma Tre University”. It is based on machine learning technology and uses the most advanced techniques on this kind of technology powered by the giants of the sector as Google. Monugram links the technological concept to the historical and artistic field. Indeed Monugram uses the most powerful Google’s tools on machine learning technology (ex: Tensorflow) and platforms linked to (ex: Firebase) to recognize every monument in the world and to return specific descriptions. The experience is optimized by the use of different tools to manage every aspect of the project: – firebase to manage: DB, hosting, Storage, API’s, Analytics, AdWords and AdMob – Tensorflow: Monugram has a specific and own system to perform recognition of monuments, optimized by the integration of more Google’s APIs Monugram returns several specific and made on purpose descriptions according to the kind of recognition using machine learning technology.