Webinar: Data-driven Postmortems

The DevOps movement has not only influenced the tools we use in modern development and operations engineering, but also the way we work. As a result, DevOps has also changed the way we respond when systems inevitably stop working or don’t work as expected.

How can we learn the most from system failures?
Let’s discuss this and more during our upcoming webinar!

Codemotion, in collaboration with Jason Yee from Datadog, will host a webinar entitled: Data-driven Postmortems.

In this webinar, Jason will cover best practices for gathering systems-related data, including monitoring and logging.
He will also discuss how we can use the data to formulate actionable response plans and how to adjust existing organizational practices to avoid repeating failure.

*This webinar is accessible to both developers/engineers and those in non-technical roles.

Join us on February 26 and discover how to avoid and mitigate future failures.
Register now!

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