Serverless Codelabs!

For the very first time at Codemotion Amsterdam, our attendees will be able to join a free CodeLab-HandsOn organized by 101 Ways.

101 Ways experts will be at your disposal to go into the serverless world: come and attend one of the free sessions in order to learn how to build a serverless project on your machine 🙂

Then, in the Serverless Clinic, you can come and discuss your issues with 101Ways Engineers.

The codelab will take place on Tuesday, May the 8th, from 11:30 am to 5:50 pm: come and take a peek at any time. The entrance is free, reservation is not required, but recommended, in order to provide a better experience for the attendees.

Mark your agenda!

DATE: May, the 8th
TIME: 11:00 am 5 pm
LENGTH: 20-30 minutes

Read more and save your seat! It’s free!

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