Community panel - IT communities: How to balance identity and differences?


Do you belong to a community? Go to Meetups, contribute to an open source project? This is a place where people have some shared values, a collective identity, is that right? But what about diversity? The IT workplace is shifting, and diversity plays a roaring role in this change. Should community building take diversity into consideration? How to balance identity and differences? We will discuss with our panelists - software engineers who spend a vast part of their time running Meetups and giving talks - the challenges of building a sustainable community based on diversity and excellence.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Thiago de Faria

DataOps Consultant - LINKIT

Thiago is a DataOps Consultant and Evangelist at LINKIT, responsible for scalable data solutions and artificial intelligence. Before that, he worked as a Statistician, DBA and Data Scientist for private companies and the Brazilian government. If you don't find Thiago testing a new AI algorithm, Thiago will be cooking (he makes a mean spicy BBQ) or playing a video game!

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Carlos Leon

Software Engineer - Container Solutions

Carlos Leon is a Colombian nerd working in tech for 8 years. He works as a software engineer at Container Solutions helping customers migrate workloads into containers on-prem and in public clouds. Automation addicted. Hang glider pilot on his free time.

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Nadia Udalova

UX Team Lead - XebiaLabs

Nadia is a User Experience evangelist with about 6 years of experience. Currently she is leading a team of UX professionals at XebiaLabs - an enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery & DevOps software provider. One of the biggest challenges on her career path - is to make development driven work environment take user centric direction. Nadia is passionate about promoting female talent in tech. She is a part of Ladies That UX Amsterdam organisers team - biggest female-focused UX community in Netherlands.

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Sara Gerion

Back-end developer - Superhero Cheesecake

Sara is a back-end developer at Superhero Cheesecake, an award winning digital production agency, and has worked in projects for international advertising agencies & brands like Southwest Airlines, KPN, Heineken, Philips. She is also cofounder and director of tech at S#E, "SheSharp", a non-profit association based in Amsterdam which fosters diversity in tech and entrepreneurship & provides an open and safe community for under-represented demographics to explore their interests and potential.

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Chris Lennon

Systems Engineer - Freelance

Chris is a Scottish engineer living in Amsterdam with a passion for evolving technologies, automation and the people that pull it all together. Chris is a die hard gamer and can easily talk for days on this subject alone! As a firm believer in devops as a tool for technological and cultural change – Chris practises what he preaches by getting involved in a wide variety of projects. Unable to keep his hands still, he is currently working on cloud pipeline automation, virtual reality mechanics and chatbots.

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