Community panel - IT communities: How to balance identity and differences?


Do you belong to a community? Go to Meetups, contribute to an open source project? This is a place where people have some shared values, a collective identity, is that right? But what about diversity? The IT workplace is shifting, and diversity plays a roaring role in this change. Should community building take diversity into consideration? How to balance identity and differences? We will discuss with our panelists - software engineers who spend a vast part of their time running Meetups and giving talks - the challenges of building a sustainable community based on diversity and excellence.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Thiago de Faria

Head of Solutions Engineering - LINKIT

Thiago started in Pure Mathematics, jumped to predicting things and realized it was utterly dependent on understanding the inner bits of software development and data pipelines. Thus, his primary concern changed: how to bridge the gap between ML and production? :-) DataOps FTW! He is an active part of the community (devopsdays Amsterdam, ITNEXT & Codemotion), a knowledge-sharer, a proud father and a DataOps Lead. Thiago is pathologically curious and a continuous learner. He knows that high-performing data teams must decrease time-to-market and build production-ready applications, always!

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Nadia Udalova

UX Team Lead - XebiaLabs

Nadia is a User Experience evangelist with about 6 years of experience. Currently she is leading a team of UX professionals at XebiaLabs - an enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery & DevOps software provider. One of the biggest challenges on her career path - is to make development driven work environment take user centric direction. Nadia is passionate about promoting female talent in tech. She is a part of Ladies That UX Amsterdam organisers team - biggest female-focused UX community in Netherlands.

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Sara Gerion

Back-end developer - Superhero Cheesecake

Sara is a back-end developer at Superhero Cheesecake, an award winning digital production agency, and has worked in projects for international advertising agencies & brands like Southwest Airlines, KPN, Heineken, Philips. She is also cofounder and director of tech at S#E, "SheSharp", a non-profit association based in Amsterdam which fosters diversity in tech and entrepreneurship & provides an open and safe community for under-represented demographics to explore their interests and potential.

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Carlos Leon

Software Engineer - Container Solutions

Carlos Leon is a Colombian nerd working in tech for 8 years. He works as a software engineer at Container Solutions helping customers migrate workloads into containers on-prem and in public clouds. Automation addicted. Hang glider pilot on his free time.

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Chris Lennon

Systems Engineer - Freelance

Chris is a Scottish engineer living in Amsterdam with a passion for evolving technologies, automation and the people that pull it all together. Chris is a die hard gamer and can easily talk for days on this subject alone! As a firm believer in devops as a tool for technological and cultural change – Chris practises what he preaches by getting involved in a wide variety of projects. Unable to keep his hands still, he is currently working on cloud pipeline automation, virtual reality mechanics and chatbots.

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