The State of Big Data - A live review by the Roaring Elephant Podcast


Jhon and Dave from the Roaring Elephant Podcast talk about the state of the world of big data and advanced analytics, across a variety of topics like security, adoption, cloud, cybersecurity and more. Also expect audience participation and the typical Roaring Elephant style of interaction, discussion, open questions, debate and commentary. We won’t always agree but we do always enjoy what we do! There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well, so whether it’s questions about Big Data in general, or more specific topic areas we’ll answer anything as best as we can.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Dave Russell

Principal Solutions Engineer - Hortonworks

Dave is a founding co-host of the Roaring Elephant Podcast about Apache Hadoop, advanced analytics and the surrounding ecosystem. During the working day he is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks and spends his time guiding a variety of different organisations through the complexities of their big data journeys. Most recently focussed on the areas of Cybersecurity and applying real-time big data solutions to that increasingly hot area. He has spent over 20 years in Open Source, with much of that being spent in scale out areas such as cloud and big data.

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Jhon Masschelein

Founding Co-host - Roaring Elephant Podcast

Jhon is a founding Co-host of the Roaring Elephant podcast where he leverages his expertise in High Performance Computing, Virtualization, Big data and Advanced Analytics obtained at Silicon Graphics, Hortonworks, Microsoft and the Dutch National Supercomputing Centre. When not podcasting, he advises large enterprises on how to architect and deploy their Big Data and Artificial Intelligence environments on Microsoft Azure.

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