The Future of Work


The gig economy is changing the way humans organize dynamically around what needs to get done, and blockchains are making it even easier to reach a global workforce. Now you can align the incentives hiring firms and creators, to foster meaningful human connections by leveraging a trustless protocol behind the scenes.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Mark Beylin

Founder - Bounties Network

Mark is the creator and founder of the Bounties Network, a platform that lets you put bounties on any task, paid using any token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Previously, he has worked in supply chain, healthcare, financial services, and now in the freelancing industry, trying to discover how distributed ledger technology can change the way we conduct business. Mark's interests lie in the intersection of computer science and business: employing smart contracts to dis-intermediate trusted third parties, and change the way humans organize by aligning their incentives.

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