It's all downhill from here: Procedural design in Descenders


When faced with the challenge to procedurally generate downhill mountain bike tracks for our new game 'Descenders', an approach based on randomness and noise was not enough. In order to create varied, interesting and challenging levels it was necessary to translate the game's design goals into an algorithm, basically teaching the computer how it should design. We will take a look at how a level in Descenders is generated from scratch, and what's going on under the hood during every step of this process.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Roel Ezendam

Co-Founder & Game Coder - RageSquid

Roel is a game coder and designer at RageSquid, a young game studio from The Netherlands. Being a programmer by nature, Roel is always looking into how a technical approach can assist game design.

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