ICO protocols & implementations


The topic of Initial Coin Offerings seems rather simple on a high level. A company can issue a token through a smart contract to fund its project’s development. However, issues have arisen over time with simpler protocols of the first ICOs: some undesirable economic properties made token sales either unpredictable or inaccessible for investors, which in turn also lead to congestions of underlying P2P networks due to increased demand. The increase of severity of these issues over time has sparked additional research and development of more sophisticated ICO protocols.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ivan Kamakin

Chief Data Analyst - Dolphin BI

Three years experience in data science projects, including image and text classification, time series prediction and anomaly detection. From 2016 I'm also engaged in blockchain industry building analytical applications and doing technical consulting. Right now I'm a Co Founder and Chief Data Analyst in my own startup Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence.

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