Hyperscalable Unified IoT Platform


IoT platforms are necessary building blocks of every complex vertical IoT solution. Traditionally, the platforms have been built to run in the cloud. As the scale and complexity of IoT projects has grown, the need to provide solutions that move processing to the network edge has also grown. Down-scaling cloud capabilities is complex in part because of the more modest capabilities of edge. We introduce Mainflux an Open Source IoT Platform that can simultaneously scale-out to hundreds of nodes in the cloud, but can also scale down to a PRi class computer without changing a single line of code.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Janko Isidorovic

CEO - Mainflux

Janko is the co-founder of Mainflux IoT open-source project. He is also chair of the Application Work Group of Linux Foundation EdgeX project. Janko has a background in Project Management, IT and Software integrations. He holds MSc. In Telecommunications from Belgrade University.

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