Artificial Intelligence in practice


In this talk Gerbert will give an overview of Artificial Intelligence, outline the current state of the art in research and explain what it takes to actually do an AI project. Using practical cases and tools he will give you insight in the phases of an AI project and explain some of the problems you might encounter along the way and how you might be able to solve them.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Gerbert Kaandorp

Chief Scientist - BrainCreators

Gerbert has been leading successful entrepreneurial technology companies after studying Artificial Intelligence in Amsterdam. Gerbert has had several profitable ventures over the years; his most notable so far was Founder and CTO of Backbase where he spent ten years building technology products for the banking industry. Backbase is one of the biggest fintech companies in the Netherlands today. Gerbert co-founded in 2013, which applies AI technology to the fashion and entertainment domain. Today he leads R&D in BrainCreators; Holland's best AI expert team.

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