Cyber-crime and attacks in the dark side of the web


The dark-web including TOR, FreeNet and I2P, is that part of the Internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines and where anonymity and confidentiality is enforced at the root. For these characteristics, cyber- criminals started abusing the dark-web to conduct illicit or malicious activities like illegal trading, malware hosting, and more recently targeted attacks. In this talk, we explore the cyber-criminal ecosystem in the dark-web and provides insights on its activities against hidden services and other users.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Marco Balduzzi

Senior Researcher - Trend Micro

Dr. Marco Balduzzi is a research scientist at Trend Micro. His interests concern all aspect of computer security, with particular emphasis on real problems that affect systems and networks. He is a veteran speaker at conferences like Black Hat and active research contributor to the academic community with publications in top peer-review conferences like NDSS, RAID or ACSAC. His work has been featured in distinguished media like Forbes, The Register, Slashdot, InfoWorld, DarkReading, BBC, and CNN. He loves climbing.

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