You Don’t Want to Build a Serverless Monolith


Serverless brings you on the right path to adopt microservices. But the distinction between technologies and processes should not be underestimated, and common pitfalls are still there, ready to slow down your development with the risk of creating a "distributed monolith". In this session, we’ll see how to build scalable projects, developed by small, agile teams on top of tools such as AWS Lambda and the Amazon API Gateway. We’ll look for tools beyond just functions, understanding the importance of architecture design and system integration, to support a continuous deployment strategy.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist - Amazon Web Services

Danilo is author of AWS Lambda in Action from Manning. As Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, he works with startups and companies of any size to bring their ideas to life, focusing on technical and business impact of mobile and data analytics. He is passioned about IoT and machine learning: they are going to change the way we live in the next (few?) years.

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