Learn how to build decentralized and serverless html5 applications with EmbarkJS, Ethereum, IPFS and DAT


Do you have an idea for a startup and don't want to pay for scaling it up? Forget about bandwidth problems, servers to install and pay for, with the power of IPFS, DAT and the blockchain. In this talk, we will explore how to build an HTML5 DAPP (distributed application) with EmbarkJS, and figure out how to rethink servers, storage, messaging, data and payments in a distributed and decentralised way with the help of Ethereum's smart contracts, IPFS and DAT distributed storage.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alessandro Confetti

Tech Principal - ThoughtWorks

I started writing software when I was fourteen, and I have never stopped since then. In the meantime, I studied philosophy, focusing mainly on logic and language. Before joining ThoughtWorks in 2017, I worked on data projects for several years. Now I am helping large organizations making sense of their legacy software and data, finding ways to modernize it. I am constantly looking for ways to perfect the three great virtues of a programmer, as stated by Larry Wall: laziness, impatience and hubris. Therefore I try to automate everything, design architectures that meet and anticipate customer ne

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