Helm - the Better Way to Deploy on Kubernetes


Helm is the official package manager for Kubernetes. This session introduces Helm and illustrates its advantages over "kubectl" with plain Kubernetes manifests. We will learn about its architecture and features, such as lifecycle management, parameterizability using Go templating, chart dependencies, etc. Demos will explain how all the bits and pieces work together.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Reinhard Nägele

Senior IT Consultant - codecentric AG

Reinhard is a Senior IT Consultant at codecentric’s Munich office. He can look back on about 18 years in Java development. In his projects, he is a strong proponent of automation. In recent years, he has gained substantial knowledge in infrastructure topics around Maven, Git, Jenkins, Docker, and has also spread his knowledge in trainings. Currently, he is busy looking into cluster platforms such as Kubernetes and DCOS and is excited about the new possibilities they offer. Reinhard enjoys contributing to open-source projects. He is a member of the maintainers team for Kubernetes Helm Charts.

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