Game of Trades, Algorithms in a Fantasy world


Life of a trader in Westeros isn't easy. Navigate the fastest path, buy and sell and above all, make a profit. And then, of course, there are Dragons.. This talk, based on the open source training material we've made for The Hague University, will explain and visualize various algorithms needed for making a bot that intelligently traverses a map, decides what to buy and where to sell to make a profit. Besides some silly and naive algorithms we'll be covering A*, Ant Race, and decision trees and making them efficient. Next time you enter a fantasy world, you'll know what to do!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Erik Hooijmeijer

Principal Developer - 42 B.V.

Erik Hooijmeijer is principal developer and ethical hacker at 42. He studied electronics and thought to keep computers as a hobby. Reality soon proved otherwise. Erik has been developing software in different disciplines for 28 years. Just doing software development as a profession is not enough for him so there have been all kinds of special projects, many of which can be found at

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