Managed ML in the Cloud: Data Science The Right Way


How do you build a ML system in 2018? How do you free your data scientists from the operational heavy lifting? Every global Cloud Platforms finally offers a managed Machine Learning solution: this session will briefly explore the pros and cons of the major Managed ML offerings in the Cloud and provide a hands-on understanding of two of them (Amazon SageMaker and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine).

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Alex Casalboni

Cloud Evangelist - Cloud Academy, Inc.

Alex is an Italian Software Engineer with a great passion for web technologies and music. He spent the last 6 years building web products and deepening his knowledge on full stack web development and software design, with his main focus on frontend and UX. Despite being a passionate coder, Alex worked hard on his software and sound engineering background, which provides him the tools to deal with multimedia, signal processing, machine learning, AI and many interesting topics related to math and data science. He's also a JS & Serverless lover.

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