Thinking twice about migrating to Serverless


Cloud environments provide everything to develop Serverless solutions, completely obscuring the infrastructure. It could be the holy grail that saves development teams from maintenance and platform dependence. I will go through the considerations that need to be taken when you are planning such a migration. Building a Serverless solution is completely different from conventional application development, which raises a ton of questions about whether this is a suitable replacement for a monolith. Companies and development teams need to be aware of the impact before initiating the migration.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Edwin Derks

Software Architect - Ordina JTech

Edwin Derks is a Software Architect from Ordina JTech. He has a passion for gathering and sharing knowledge about anything related to the Java ecosystem and cloud-driven development in general. He is a member of the Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE community, and is often hosting meetups, writing articles, blogs and speaking at conferences.

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