Developers vs Quality Assurance: the final battle!


Why DEVs hate QAs? Why QAs hate DEVs? Will this eternal war come to an end sooner or later? Or has the time for the final fight come? Two persons. A tall man, and a short woman. A beard person and a tattooed one. A DEV and a QA. Two very different persons, working in different areas, fighting for the same goal: a software to put in production in the best way possible. Speed vs Quality: are these two things compatible without bloodshed? How? We will tell you our experience...

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Annarita De Biase

QA Manager - Soldo

I had worked in different QA contexts for almost 13 years, working on frontend and backend, website and mobile. Assiduous reader of management skills improvement books. Comfortable to handle a good coexistence of technical needs and business requirements. Experience, studies and instinct make me good in organising priorities, designing team direction, improving processes and bringing out the innate abilities of people working with me.

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Andrea Camillacci

Software Dev Engineer II -

Andrea is Software Dev Engineer at (Expedia Inc Company). He started 9 years ago has Java back-end developer expert in Spring Framework. He’s very passionate about the good design, the clean code and the ways that can lead the programmers to craft better software. He started to share his knowledge because he’s sure that sharing knowledge will get the world a better place to live.

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