Backpack, our journey in creating a design system


Design and Engineering at scale is hard. I’ll uncover our journey in creating a Design System for Skyscanner in a bid to bridge the gap between design and engineering. I’ll share our learnings on how we sold it to the business by proving its worth. You’ll learn about some of the design and tech considerations we’ve made and the tools and techniques which have helped us along the way. One year in, we’re now starting to see the fruits of our labour as an organisation of over 900 employees are using our design system on a daily basis to ultimately get to market quicker.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

James Ferguson

Senior Design Manager, Design Ops, Systems and Tooling - Skyscanner

Designer + Maker with over 13 years design experience, building and leading global design teams. Currently focussed on Design Ops, Systems and Tooling to enable design and engineering teams to produce highly crafted products as easy as possible.

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