A complementary currency toolkit in Clojure


Freecoin is a set of tools initially designed to let people run reward schemes that are transparent and auditable to other organisations. It comprises of an electronic wallet and other side products which are designed to be generic and they can facilitate multiple blockchains, offline transactions, identity management and multi-signature authentication. The toolkit is written in Clojure and in this talk I will touch technical details about the design, the interaction with blockchain nodes as well as some more theoretical background and the empirical research that the products is based on.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Aspasia Beneti

software developer - Dyne.org

I am a software developer with background in A.I. The last few years I work mostly with Clojure, which I enjoy very much. I am one of the organisers of ClojureBridge Amsterdam, where we offer free, beginner friendly Clojure workshops aiming to increase gender, ethnic, social and all kinds of diversity in the programming world. Recently I joined Dyne.org where we develop Freecoin an open source digital social currency toolkit.

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