Active Learner - How developers keep learning


As developers, we solve problems, we handle challenges almost every day. Some developers take their technology, tools, infrastructures and frameworks for granted - they "magically" work. They think that by simply using them, they are considered experts. The truth is that they are "expert beginners". However, there are developers who constantly keep learning, dig deeper and understand why things work the way they do. They are on the path to become experts. They are "Active Learners". In this session, we will learn how to become Active Learners and how to avoid the "Expert Beginner" trap.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Dennis Nerush

Head of Integration - HiredScore

I’m the Head of Integration at HiredScore, helping large companies achieve their recruiting and hiring goals using deep data integrations and AI. I’m passionate about complex technological challenges, resilience, product development, company culture and people growth. Been managing teams for the last 5 years, constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize the team performance along with people’s personal growth. I love to share my experience both in writing and public speaking at meetups, conferences (Codemotion Amsterdam, TestBash Manchester, etc.) and podcasts (SimpleLeadership).

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