Abuser stories: how we embedded a security mindset within our business


How do you cope with the growth of security risks? Providing your IT teams with the right tools is one thing, but new features start way before it reaches the development phase. So how do you make security a responsibility of everyone? In this talk I will tell the strategy of bol.com, and the way we tried to cope with it in a fun way. Where in the latest stage we taught this mindset to our business by introducing the concept of "Abuser Stories". Instead of reasoning how a customer would use your feature, think about how someone would abuse it. As a hacker, I want.., So that...!

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Jim van der Waal

Product Owner - bol.com

As a Product Owner within bol.com Jim is a big fan of autonomous teams, even considering all the responsibility and need for ownership that comes with it. He Loves to look at things just a little bit different to make complex subjects at least more fun. Sometimes also simpler. In his personal life he already has the answer for complex problems: belgian beer.

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