Serverless Swift APIs with Apache OpenWhisk


Do you want to build backend APIs using Swift but don't want to manage computing infrastructure to run those applications in the cloud? Enter serverless cloud platforms… Serverless platforms aren't just for Node.js developers. Apache OpenWhisk, an open-source serverless platform, supports serverless functions written in Swift! Developers will learn how to leverage all the features of the Swift language to build backend APIs using scalable cloud functions.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

James Thomas

Developer Advocate - IBM

James Thomas is a Developer Advocate for IBM’s Cloud division. James is a huge fan of all thing serverless! He spends his time speaking at conferences, blogging or writing open-source code to share the awesomeness of serverless cloud platforms. James is a contributor to Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source serverless platform. He wrote (and maintains) the official JavaScript client library. He also created the OpenWhisk provider plugin for The Serverless Framework.

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