It's a small world after all. How thinking small is changing software development big time


Our world changes fast and at increasing speed. Things that weren't possible 5 years ago come into reach. Incumbents need to adept to match start-ups that use newer technologies. We are evolving towards smaller, faster, shorter. Smaller teams or even micro-teams, flat organizations, no management, even shorter cycles, smaller components. During this inspiring talk Sander discusses Cynefin, how software development goes wrong, how to go beyond Scrum, why self-organization is hard, why continuous delivery allows you to stop estimating or do projects and why microservices are hard, but essential.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Sander Hoogendoorn

Chief technology officer -

Sander is a dad, an independent consultant, software architect, programmer, speaker, and writer. He coaches teams and helps improve architectures and code. He’s written books on agile, modeling, and web tools, and published many articles. Sander is an inspiring (keynote) speaker at international conferences on topics such as changing the culture, agile, Scrum, continuous delivery, software estimation, agile requirements, modeling, patterns, software architectures, microservices, and web, Java and .NET development.

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