Tools and methods are killing your products


Over the years the software development community developed and adopted a multitude of tools and methods that helps us create amazing products. But a smooth development process or a shiny stack of technology and tools do not guarantee a successful product. Let’s not get wrapped up with our professional process and primarily focus on the end result. In this talk I will share five common symptoms of development teams gone astray and how to cure them: The Scrum Pendulum, the Swamp of Continuous Delivery, Jira's Hammer, the Prototype Mirage and the The Creativity Blur.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Ivo Domburg

UX Designer - Luminis

I'm a designer with a broad experience in creating (web) applications and other digital experiences. I believe that you can't be the best at what you do when you only do what you are best at. That is why I also write about product development and everyday human/technology relations. And I try to code. That doesn't make me a writer or an engineer, but I believe it makes me a better designer.

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