Developer Experience and Your Library: The LEGO Way


LEGO has decades of experience in designing products that are not just beautiful and fun, but also teach children to sit down for hours and focus on complicated architectural and mechanical constructions. It is able to motivate them not just to build what's pictured on the box but also celebrates the creativity that motivates them to make things even LEGO hadn't ever imagined. In this talk, Cristiano Betta, a Developer Experience designer, looks at what can be learned from LEGO and how to apply it to the libraries we write, and the documentation and guides we provide.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Cristiano Betta

Developer Experience Designer - Work Betta Ltd

I'm a Developer Experience designer who helps companies small and large to improve their developer onboarding, activation, and support. I like to look at great developer onboarding flows, analysing and documenting the best practices and pitfalls of common design practices. Although I have over 15 years of development experience I believe that at the core we're all beginners at some things, and documentation and onboarding should reflect that notion. In the past I've worked as a contractor, startup founder, event organiser, and developer advocate at Braintree/PayPal.

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