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CODEMOTION AMSTERDAM MAY 8-9, 2018 is attended by over 1,000 Developers of all languages

> Meet Senior and Junior developers

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0% buzzwords, 100% practical Codemotion is the Ferrari of Developer events and the Uber community where developers come to engage in order to get "The Next Big Thing" rolling in their Companies. Codemotion Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Rome and Milan are the home to the Codemotion developer communities' annual events. Our community is alive and kicking, the discussions and events are constant. You will find no generic, average solutions for Your problems, but actionable, valuable insights from top developers. The Agenda is constructed in such a way that the findings and discussion points of speeches can be applied to Your projects right away.  

Software Architecture, Cloud, Blockchain, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Frontend, Big-data... At Codemotion Amsterdam, Your team will deep-dive into the latest, the trending and the most influential and effective technologies. Our speakers are all outstanding professionals who juggle real-life projects and handle real-life clients. Our speakers have all it takes to pass on and discuss the know-how and share the ultimate tips to support the daily challenges that Your team faces.  

Team Training Your Team Is Our Business. Our talks have a multi layered practical angle and approach. Your team will hear the best practices and case studies from the very people who mastered them famously. This helps Your Team to become far more thoughtful and more seasoned developers all the while, being take good care at our all-inclusive lunch, snacks and beer offering.  

Team building Attending an All-Inclusive pro-conference is a great way for a team to meet outside of work in a relaxed, inspiring environment and still have an opportunity to get some work done. Although Your team won't attend every session together, at the end of the day you can meet at the day-end-drinks booths and share Your impressions. Make sure you keep in touch and join our thematically built meet-ups because we do know how to throw an amazing party with Devs!  

Establishing the culture of innovation At Codemotion Amsterdam Your team will be pushed to break out from their comfort zone: attending our conference is a great way to pick up new, fresh ideas and bring them back at the office. Before and after our Annual Codemotion event you can attend our weekly community meet-ups. These meet-ups enable you and Your team to engage in thematic discussions while the pizzas and the beers are always on us!  

70+ international speakers, 7 parallel stages, 14 tracks Codemotion Amsterdam is a large multitrack conference. More than 70 renowned international speakers will deliver their talks on Frontend, Backend, Microservices, IOT and many more. Be sure to mark the sessions in advance so you don’t miss out on any of our star speakers and keynotes.  

Networking Opportunities Our legendary all-inclusive "day-end-drinks arena" is the place to be. The tech-shmooze hungry hard working Ladies and Gents will mix and mingle here, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. The chances are high that at one of our coffee breaks you may find yourself sitting next to Your next customer or employee.  

Inspiration Our conferences have dynamite keynote sessions and an entire track devoted to inspirational tech talks. Always a good starting point in getting the low-down on emerging and latest technologies.  

A glimpse into the future. The best way to shape Your business is to know which technologies will lead the tech scene tomorrow. Getting to know what’s coming, is invaluable for planning the next year’s budget.  

Meet the leading tech companies ING, Microsoft, Intel,, Amazon, Oracle, Atlassian, Thoughtworks, AWS, just to name some will join Codemotion Amsterdam 2018.

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